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GWLA Annual Meeting 2018

The 2018 GWLA Annual Members Meeting was held at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute.  Attendance was outstanding at 99 people.  We enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors.  Thank you for your support!

Please note that the good people at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute worked very hard to make this evening a tremendous success.   A special thank you to Michelle Skedgell - Executive Director, Michelle Quesnel - Hospitality Coordinator, and Dan Belson - Executive Chef.

Also, a special thanks to Christy Tigchelaar, GWLA President, for working so hard to handle meeting registration logistics at her business in Delton, Mid-Lakes Screen Printing.


Guest attendees included:

  • Jim (and Kelly) Dull -  Barry County Drain Commissioner.

  • Sarah Nelson -  Executive Director at the Barry Conservation District.

  • Andy Tomaszewski - Southern Regional Lakes Manager at Professional Lake Management.

  • Julie Jones and Bill Johnson - Marine Division Deputies at Barry County Sheriff's Office.

  • Friends and representatives from nearby lake associations.

Fabulous food was served in the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Commons area from 6:00-7:00.  During this time guests mingled, enjoyed the outdoor deck, and talked with representatives at several information tables, including:

  • Melody Lutz and Connie Vaughn - GWLA - Membership, Preservation Fund, Lake Activities. 

  • Terry Deike - Kayak The Wall.

  • Jim Dull - Barry County Drain Commissioner.

  • Sarah Nelson - Barry Conservation District - Natural Shorelines.

  • Andy Tomaszewski - Professional Lake Management - Weed Control.

  • Willy McDonald - Wood Duck Carving.

  • Julie Jones and Bill Johnson - Marine Division Deputies at Barry County Sheriff's Office.

    At 7:00, guests moved into the Auditorium for a lovely assortment of desserts and beverages.  Willy McDonald's outstanding Wood Duck carving was auctioned and Dan Erb was the lucky winner.  Willy was so delighted with the success of this auction that he agreed to carve another waterfowl as a gift to the GWLA next year.


After the auction, a State-Of-The-Lake update presentation was given.  After this, questions were asked of the GWLA Board and the guest attendees.

One comment from a guest was particularly poignant, as she noted that the quality of the Wall Lake environment hasn't always been as good as it is now.  Joyce Ogata thanked the current GWLA Board for continuing the hard work that has been going on for 50 years.  This prompted Jim Lockwood to acknowledge that the current GWLA Board is grateful for the stewardship of prior GWLA Board members and it is helpful to be standing on their shoulders enjoying the view.


The excellent water quality and overall health of Wall Lake was noted.  Even though Wall Lake's water level is elevated a bit, our problems are less serious when compared to those our friends in nearby lakes are experiencing.  Severe flooding and increasing invasion of aquatic invasive species are the main concerns in nearby lakes.

Mention was made of the formation of an informal lake coalition that serves to offer support, learning, and camaraderie among area lakes.  This is needed now more that ever.

The guiding principles of the GWLA were noted, and include protecting Wall Lake and the interests of the Wall Lake community.  We believe that future generations deserve to enjoy Wall Lake as we do, and we will do everything we can to make this possible.

The benefits of being a member of the GWLA were noted.  This includes supporting our many activities and responsibilities, including environmental activities, social activities, recreational activities, educational activities, networking activities, fundraising activities, water quality testing affiliations, fish stocking, and mission advocacy including legal defense of Wall Lake.  Also, membership in the GWLA includes being additional insureds in our general liability insurance policy.

Past President Alan Freid was in attendance and recognized and thanked for his continued volunteering to performing water quality testing on Wall Lake.  Thank you Alan!

We welcomed new GWLA Board members Martha Edger and Ean Erb.  Thank you for volunteering to serve on the GWLA Board.

We bid farewell to departing GWLA Board members Marcia Tiffany, Doug Drenth, Bud Reilly, and Sue Trudeau.  We are very grateful for your many contributions and we will miss you.  Thank you!


A frog managed to make its way onto the railing of the deck of the Pierce Institute during the social meet and greet dining hour, certainly to keep the photographer company for a bit, but also no doubt to thank Sue Trudeau for all of her environmental work on behalf of Wall Lake.  The universe does these things.













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