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How To Donate to the GWLA Preservation Fund

Click the "Donate Online" button for a link to the GWLA Preservation Fund.

Wall Lake, like so many lakes in Michigan and the United States, is facing threats from human abuse and aquatic invasive species.  These threats will bring more challenges in the future as we work to preserve our wonderful natural resource.

In late 2014, several Wall Lake area residents approached GWLA Board members concerning a way to financially support the Association beyond annual dues and donations.  We needed a way to receive tax-deductible donations that specifically target costs associated with the preservation of Wall Lake.  In addition, some people were looking for a way to leave money and other assets to the GWLA in their wills as part of estate planning.

The GWLA Board is a group of volunteers, and managing a fund like this is time consuming and requires financial expertise.  There is an organization in Barry County that excels at community development philanthropy - The Barry Community Foundation.  In September, 2015, the GWLA Preservation Fund was established at the Barry Community Foundation (BCF).  BCF receives gifts and administers finances for the fund.  The GWLA Board determines the use of funds for preservation of Wall Lake.  All gifts to the fund are tax deductible through the BCF 501(c)(3) designation.

The GWLA Preservation Fund will be used for special projects that target the preservation of Wall Lake.  Legal fees may be the primary us of money in this fund.  In the future as the fund grows, land acquisition may be a secondary purpose of this fund.  It is our long-term intent to provide future generations with a substantial financial resource.

In the past the GWLA has had tremendous success at fighting threats to Wall Lake by paying attorneys to defend the interests of Wall Lake and its riparians.  But this has cost a great deal of money.  A substantial GWLA Preservation Fund will further assist in the future preservation of Wall Lake.

By donating to the GWLA Preservation Fund you are supporting our efforts to preserve our treasured lake for future generations.

To learn more about the Barry Community Foundation, click the "Barry Community Foundation" button for a link to the BCF home page.

Click brochure at left to open a printable GWLA Preservation Fund Brochure

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