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Light Up The Wall

Get ready for the last event of the summer at Wall Lake!

Light Up The Wall!

Saturday night, August 26th at dusk (around 8:30 PM)

Join your neighbors for one last hooray on Wall Lake.  Decorate your boat (or dock) on the last Saturday before the Labor Day weekend.  Head out into the lake with your lights shining and just enjoy a late summer night with friends.  Decorate with battery powered LEDs, solar lights, or flashlight lanterns, etc.  Be innovative but don't worry about having to look professional.  This is just for fun.  Who can be most creative?


Here are a couple of websites about options for decorating a boat with lighting.

If you have questions, call Sue Trudeau at 269-623-8511.  Leave a message, please.  Let's give a final farewell to Summer before we begin hauling in the boats and docks for the winter.  


Have fun, be safe, and Light Up The Wall!

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