Our Board

The Greater Wall Lake Association (GWLA) is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of up to 12 members.  Board members are elected by the Board at the last Board meeting of the calendar year.  Terms are established per our bylaws.  The directors elect the officers of the Association.  The elected officers are the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  Board membership is open to any GWLA member.

The lake is divided into two sections for membership representation.  Each section has half of the representatives on the Board of Directors.  The North side begins at the dam and includes the north and west shore, and ends at Old Brickyard Road.  The South side begins at the dam and includes the south shore, and ends at Old Brickyard Road.

Current GWLA Board

  • Christy Tigchelaar (President) (S)

  • Jeff Keller (Vice President) (S)

  • Martha Edger (Treasurer) (N)

  • Mark Perkins (S) (Secertary)

  • Steve Larson (Website) (S)

  • Andy Bohr (S)

  • Olivier Martinon (N)

  • Tim Harsevoort (N)

  • Dale Grimes (N)

  • Alan Fried (S)

There are two North side board positions open.  At the end of each year, four board members reach the end of their three year term.  Currently two of the four board members who's term ends at the end of this year, will be leaving the board.  There will be 1 south side opening and one more additional north side opening at that time.  Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the board.