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GWLA Annual Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held at the Delton Moose Lodge.  Attendance was outstanding at over 130 people.  We enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors.  In attendance were representatives of township and county government, the Barry County Sheriff Department Marine Division, the Barry Community Foundation, Professional Lake Management, and friends from other lake associations.

Thank you for your support!

Dinner was served at 5:30 and a State-of-the-Lake presentation began at 6:30.


The outstanding water quality and overall health of Wall Lake was noted.  Property values continue to be well supported by our great water quality.


 Reasons for the high water quality in Wall Lake were listed and include:  Establishment of a sewer system decades ago; Weed control via Professional Lake Management since 2003; Preservation of our wetlands which are essential to filtering the water that enters Wall Lake; No state-improved public boat launch; A water retention dam which helps keep Wall Lake at a sustainable level; A water depth that is just deep enough to prevent widespread fish kills during harsh winters; An informed, motivated, proactive, and well-supported lake association.  Thank you!

The guiding principles of the GWLA were noted, and include protecting Wall Lake and the interests of the Wall Lake community.

The decision making guidelines of the GWLA were noted, and include considering what our neighbors would want us to do, what our grandchildren would want us to, and what is in the best interest of Wall Lake.  We believe that future generations deserve to enjoy Wall Lake as we do, and we will do everything we can to make this possible.

The benefits of being a member of the GWLA were noted.  This includes supporting our many activities and responsibilities, including environmental activities, social activities, recreational activities, educational activities, networking activities, fundraising activities, water quality testing affiliations, fish stocking, and mission advocacy including legal defense of Wall Lake.  Also, membership in the GWLA includes being additional insureds in our general liability insurance policy.

Our new Barry County Drain Commissioner, Jim Dull, provided information about how a drainage problem at Shallow Lake is causing high water levels in Wall Lake.  He is working to correct this problem.

Bonnie Gettys from the Barry community Foundation spoke about our GWLA Preservation Fund and how it works.  We are fortunate to have many generous donors - thank you!  To learn more about our Preservation Fund click here.

Sue Trudeau spoke about a self-guided historical shoreline tour she created.  To learn more about this click here.

Terry Deike spoke about the new Family Kayak Event he has put together.  The inaugural kayak event is August 5th.  To learn more about this event click here.

Andy Tomaszewski spoke about aquatic invasive species.  He stated that they can destroy a lake, and that they are transported into a lake by boats and trailers that have been to other infected lakes.  He said that aquatic invasive species are increasingly being found in nearby lakes, including Lake 21 which is just one mile from Wall Lake.


Wall Lake is under threat from other invasive threats in nearby lakes. Crooked Lake has five invasive species in addition to Zebra Mussels.  Cloverdale, Wilkinson, Upper Crooked, Mud, Long, and Lake 21 have the invasive species Cabomba.  This species is not widespread around the state, and seems to be concentrated in the Hastings - Delton area.

In addition to Cabomba, area lakes have the exotic macro algae Starry Stonewort.  Upper Crooked and Pine Lakes have this invasive species and it has been spreading quickly across the state.

Andy stated in a letter to the GWLA, "Given the proximity of these other exotic species, it is crucial that boats, watercraft, and trailers entering Wall Lake be free of plant fragments.  Prevention is the best strategy.  Any efforts that can be made to control the boat launches would be a proactive approach to preventing new introductions.  An introduction of either of these two species would almost certainly cause deterioration of lake health, as well as possible loss of property value and higher annual management costs to residents."

Past President Alan Freid was recognized and thanked for his many years of service as our president.  He will continue volunteering to performing water quality testing on Wall Lake.  Thank you Alan!

Tim Harsevoort, Brett Harsevoort, and Bud Reilly were recognized for their volunteer efforts regarding placing and retrieving our rock buoys and garage sale signs.

Retiring Secretary Mary Branch was recognized and thanked for her many years of volunteer service.  She has done an outstanding job as secretary of the GWLA.  Also, Mary had perfect attendance at our meetings.  Thank you Mary!

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