Hope Township

Contact Information:

Hope Township

5463 South M-43 Highway

Hastings, MI  49058




Board Members as of 2021:

Board Supervisor:  Doug Peck e-mail: supervisor@hopetwp.com

Board Clerk:  Deborah Jackson e-mail: clerk@hopetwp.com

Board Treasurer:  Arlene Tonkin e-mail: treasurer@hopetwp.com

Board Trustee:  Junior Homister e-mail:  jhomister@hopetwp.com

Board Trustee:  Matt Peake e-mail:  mpeake@hopetwp.com


The Impact of Local Government on

Lakes and Other Natural Resources

Lakes face a perilous existence, and lake residents, who have sacrificed greatly to enjoy lake-living, face ever-increasing challenges to their natural resource and way of life.

Lakes are constantly aging.  Today, because of aquatic invasive species, lakes suffer from greater threats than in the past.  We believe that it is local government's legal, moral, and fiscal responsibility to protect lakes and other natural resources.

Riparian attorney, Clifford H. Bloom, states: “Lake residents and lake associations underestimate the impact that the local unit of government can have on a lake community, both positive or negative.  Local municipal ordinances (or lack thereof) can have a huge impact on lakes and lake associations.”

Hope Township Land Use Plan states:

“A defining characteristic of Hope Township will be its woodlands, open lands, drainage network, healthy wetlands and lakes, natural character, and wildlife habitat.”  “Hope Township will strike a balance between the area’s cherished rural character and a variety of small-scale employment opportunities.”

Hope Township Zoning Ordinance states:

“The general health, safety, and welfare of the township will be protected.”

How to report a Hope Township Ordinance Violation

Call Hope Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Don Dekema (269) 623-5732

E-mail Hope Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Don Dekema hopetwpoeo@mei.net

Print and mail a complaint form:  The Hope Township Zoning Enforcement officer works part-time and prioritizes written complaints over telephone complaints.  A complaint form may be printed from the Hope Township website via the link below, filled out anonymously, and mailed or hand delivered to Hope Township:

Hope Township

5463 South M-43 Highway

Hastings, MI  49058

Attn:  Zoning Enforcement Officer

The Greater Wall Lake Association does not endorse any particular candidate for public office.