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How Water Enters Wall Lake

 Wall Lake gets most of its water from a 1,000 acre acid bog just south of the wetlands on the south side of the lake.  This bog is know as Blachman Swamp.  Wall Lake is at a slightly lower elevation than the acid bog and therefore its water flows into Wall Lake.  Water drains very slowly from acid bogs, and therefore, Wall Lake receives most of its water very slowly.

Wall Lake - Annual Meeting 2016.001.jpeg

Acid bogs are common features of wetland ecosystems.  They are noted for their wet, spongy, and poorly draining peaty soil.  Plant decomposition creates the acidic water in an acid bog.  Acid bogs are considered a fascinating environmental phenomena, and they contain unique foliage and wildlife.

Precipitation, runoff, and groundwater hydrodynamics are other sources of water in Wall Lake.  Wall Lake does not receive water from rivers or streams, and it does not have a significant number of springs and is not considered a spring fed lake.

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