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If You Rent Homes

Given today’s litigious society, and given the high risks to the lake from aquatic invasive species, owners of rental vacation homes need to be very cautious.  Rental owners may be liable for the behavior of others.  Accidents, medical incidents, and environmental harm from the transmission of invasive species represent great risks to owners of rental homes.  Please make sure that your renters are aware of proper lake etiquette.

Be sure that boats and trailers entering Wall Lake have been cleaned as follows:

  • Inspect and remove any visible mud, plants, fish or animals before transporting your recreational equipment.

  • Drain water from equipment (boat, motor, trailer, live wells) before transporting it.

  • Dry equipment for at least 5 days.

  • Dispose of unwanted live bait in the trash.

Know the Law: Michigan laws prohibit placing a boat, trailer, or other boating equipment into Michigan waters with plant material attached.

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