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July 4 Boat Event

The July 4 Boat Event volunteers organize our July 4 boat decorating event.

The "Dom Court" trophy is awarded to the most popular boat.  Mr. Dominic Court loved Wall Lake, and led the July 4 parade for many years.

The July 4 Boat Event always needs volunteers.

Please e-mail ( or contact any board member to learn more about our July 4 Boat Event.

If you want to be in the boat display, please do the following:

1.  E-mail your name to

2.  Decorate your boat with a 4th of July theme.

3.  Write your lake address house number in black, bold print      on a paper plate and attach it on the starboard (right) side      of your boat for identification.

4.  Meet at the end of Beechwood Point and follow the lead        boat, captained by a GWLA board member, around the          lake beginning at 10:00.  Please stay in single file so the          on-shore residents and judges can easily see your boat.

5.  Judges on shore will photograph the boats and vote on          their favorite using your house number for identification.

Please do not use water balloons.  They are dangerous to wildlife and motor intakes.

Thank you!

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