Respect Your Neighbors


More and more people are choosing to live on Wall Lake year round.  This means that this is their home, and not a weekend escape from another city.  They work, they have doctor’s appointments in the morning, and excessive noise late at night disrupts their lives.  Please remember that noise travels louder and farther over water than land.  Also, lake living is compressed living, and sounds travel easily between adjacent homes due to close proximity.


Please note that Hope Township has a Noise Ordinance law.  (Click "Noise Ordinance" to open a printable copy of Hope Township's Noise Ordinance.


The ordinance states that it is a violation of the law to make noise that disrupts neighbors between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.


Please don't allow your dogs to leave your property.  This will prevent feces from appearing on neighbor’s lawns, and prevent injury and litigation from dog bites.  Also, barking dogs are subject to Hope Township’s Noise Ordinance law.


Please don't let you guard down, this pandemic is not over. Especially now with students going back to school.  Most of the new cases of the virus is mainly affecting those who have not  gotten the vaccine shot.  Vaccine shots are available.

For all those who got the vaccination shot, you have a lot less to worry about.  Thank you for caring about your family, friend, neighbors and your community.