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Weed Control

In 1989, the invasive plant Eurasian Milfoil was discovered in Wall Lake.  This weed multiplied rapidly and grew to such an extent that it impeded enjoyment of the lake.  Swimming became unpleasant and boating became difficult due to weeds collecting on propellers.  There were times when the west bay of Wall Lake was largely a mass of milfoil.

Initially, lakefront and back lot residents agreed to a voluntary funding of weed control for the lake.  The volume of weeds in the lake soon started to diminish; however, due to lack of participation of a majority of residents, it was not possible to continue funding weed control on a voluntary basis.  Therefore, with the agreement of lake area residents, a Special Assessment District (SAD) was formed to fund this program through taxes.  The SAD is billed through a special tax assessment and renews upon approval in 5-year cycles.

For those who lived here during the awful heavy Milfoil years, the dramatic improvement in lake quality has been greatly appreciated.  It is hoped that all lake residents will continue to approve weed control as a tax assessment program.  The Greater Wall Lake Association thanks everyone for their support.

Threats to Wall Lake - two threats that can destroy Wall Lake

Threat #1

Transmission of aquatic invasive aquatic species into Wall Lake


Threat #2

Damage to wetlands allowing acidic bog water to flow freely into Wall Lake

Since 2003 The Greater Wall Lake Association (GWLA) has used Professional Lake Management (PLM) for weed monitoring and control.  PLM considers Wall Lake to be one of their top success stories.  

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