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The Greater Wall Lake Association produces newsletters regularly throughout the year.  Our newsletters aim to inform members about issues that affect Wall Lake and its residents, and to illustrate our mission of protecting Wall Lake.

Below are links to recent newsletters and some newsletters from the past.


We have included a few past newsletters that reference some of our legacy Board members who have volunteered for close to 20 years - people like Bill Cook, Bob Cove, Terry Deike (1943-2019), and Richard Fluke.  These dedicated volunteers bring valuable experience and historical perspective to our Board.  

The older newsletters also highlight our decades-long battle with aquatic invasive species, specifically eurasian milfoil.  Those of you who were here when milfoil made Wall Lake a weedy nightmare understand the value of our professional weed management program.

We hope that our newsletters show, regardless of publishing era, that dedication by the GWLA Board to our mission of protecting Wall Lake has always been true.

Each button below opens an individual newsletter PDF.

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