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Tribute List

This tribute page is gratefully dedicated to the generous donors who make our mission possible.

The Greater Wall Lake Association (GWLA) thanks the following people and organizations for donating to the

GWLA Preservation Fund

James and Judy Baurs

Maurice and Kathy Benton

Andrew Bohr

Mary Branch

Thomas and Laura Carr

Nick and Kathy Carter

Larry and Barbara Case

David Coleman

Bill and Irene Cook

Catherine and Robert Cove

Katie Dolfman

Doug and Dawn Drenth

Denise Duda

Bruce and Martha Edger

Richard and JoAnn Fluke

Alan and Annette Freid

David and Barbara Harris

Mike and Nancy Hodge

Kendall Electric, Inc.

John and Cindy Koerner

Jim and Adele Lockwood

Kenneth and Melody Lutz

Pat Markle

David McShane

David and Trudy Crafts Peck

Mary and Michael Perry

Pfizer Foundation

Philip and Amy Poholski

Thomas and Kristi Ryan

Thomas and Gerry Schaberg

Robert and Julie Seiter

Jerry and Judy Sivak

Frank and Barbara Sterenberg

Marcia Tiffany

Christy Tigchelaar

Susan Trudeau

Lawrence and Marsha Ulmer

William and Melissa Wallace

John and Kristin Wesolowski

William and Nona Youngs

John and Renee Zaharion

Sharon Zimmerman

Battle Creek Community Foundation

Joyce & Todd Kroes

Nancy Schoessel

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