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GWLA Board Meetings

The Board Meeting this year will be held at the Delton Library and all GWLA members are welcome to attend.  Meeting are held every second Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. 

Please park behind the library and use the back door.

Next meeting will be May 13, 2024 and then as stated above for April thru October.

GWLA Minutes from last meeting


  1. Members absent-Mark Hancock and Andy Bohr

  2. Members present- Alan Freid, Dale Grimes, Olivier Martinon, Tim Harsevoort, Jennifer Pickins, Melody Lutz, Kevin Boucher, Steve Larson, Mark Perkins, and John Wesolowski.

  3. Agenda validation- It was approved without additions.

  4. Prior meeting minutes- They were approved.

  5. Public comments- There was no one from outside our board who came to speak.

  6. Treasurers Report- We tabled the report. There were a few questions about the report that needed clarification.

  7. Committees

  1. Activities- Jennifer agreed to lead the final event of the season which was light up the wall on August 13th.

  2. Audit-There is nothing new to report.

  3. Communication-Melody inquired if there were any new topics for face book such as the history of Wall Lake.

  4. Dam maintenance- Tim reported that there were no recent updates from Jim Dull.

  5. Nominating- Kevin Boucher was nominated to replace Jeff. He was approved by a vote of the other directors. Kevin is knowledgeable about fish, and he will be a welcome addition to our board. Welcome Kevin!

  6. Property- John has done a wonderful job of lining up people to build bird houses. Dale mentioned that last year we had discussed approaching the Nature Conservancy to see if they have any interest in this property. John is going to follow up with a phone call to the Nature Conservancy.

  7. Water quality- There is nothing new to report.

  8. Website-There is nothing new to report.

  1. Old Business

  1. Annual meeting- The consensus of our directors was that it was a remarkably successful meeting. The food and presentations were exceptionally good. Alan did an excellent job of moving the meeting along in a timely manner. We discussed whether to return to Pierce Cedar Creek next year for our annual meeting. The consensus of the directors is that we need a budget for next year prior to making any decision.

  2. Gravel pits- No updates.

  1. New business

  1. Bass tournament- There is a Wall Lake resident who conducted an unauthorized bass tournament on Wall Lake. The identity of this person and their address is known. Mark presented a draft of a letter to this individual as a starting point for a discussion. Melody told the directors that there is a position paper on bass tournaments previously prepared by the GWLA. She emailed a copy of it to all directors after the meeting. We discussed posting the position paper on the GWLA website or face book. Kevin asked if any legal action could be taken. The agreed upon initial step is that Alan will attempt to meet with this individual and have a friendly informal discussion. Alan will take another board member with him when this meeting occurs. The goal is to hopefully engage this individual in a very civil manner and educate him on the negative impact that a bass tournament could have on our beloved Wall Lake.


For the Channel before the Dam

The work to clean up the channel still has not been done, and the drain commissioner is actively working on this.  With all that is going on at this time, we truly hope he can get this completed this year.

Shallow Lake culvert improvements. Easements are in place. 

Permitting and public comments are completed, after review

the actual work can get started - that likely all translates to this Fall, again.

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