Sunset on Wall Lake


Est. 1961

Light Up the Wall

It sounds like the boat with white lights up high on some structure won the boat with the best light  For the best dock/shore the house on Harrington with lights all over the yard.  Honorable mention goes the the flashing LED lights on the outlet cove on the north side.

GWLA Board Member Openings

There are currently two open North side board openings.  In addition, at this time, two current board members are planning on leaving the board at the end of their term, which is at the end of the year.  At that time we will have 3 North side openings and 1 South side opening.  Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the GWLA board.

Update from Jim Dull, Drain Commissioner

Expect the channel to be cleared of leaf debris/ etc in July. Jim is

working on access to the site with adjacent land owners and

determining where the organic material can be placed.  County has the equipment to perform the work, nearly all schedules has been pushed back for one reason or another.

Shallow Lake culvert improvements. Easements are in place. 

Permitting, public review and comment periods need to be completed,

then actual work to be scheduled - that likely all translates to this Fall, again.