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Kayak The Wall 2018

2018 Kayaked the wall 2.jpg

Kayak the Wall was a success!  We had 10 winners.

1 - Julie Grimes.  2 - Annette Freid.  3 - Nick Wolter.
4 - Rick Otto.  5 - Susan Trudeau.  6 - Colleen Herubin.
7 - Kyle Swinehart.  8 - Gloria Pitsch.  9 - Alexia Allen.
10 - Amber Straub.

The following information is from Katie at Mid-Lakes Screen Printing:

"The top 5 hands win a long sleeve t-shirt and the next 5 hands win a short sleeve t-shirt, all printed with this year's logo. I'll be calling you all this week to find out what size you would like."

"Jackie Rathjen was the lucky winner of the SWEET tackle box donated by Ken's Sports Shop here in Delton. Jackie, I'll be calling you also."

"Thank you to Terry Deike my Co-Corrdinator, we make a great team!"

"Thank you to the rest station supervisors: Mary Branch, Terry Deike, Jerry Sivak, Lisa Roodburgen, and Connie Vaughn.  Without you, this event could not have happened."

"Thank you to the Greater Wall Lake Association who sponsored this event.  If you are already a member, thank you very much. Your $35 yearly dues go to so many important projects that this great Board works on to ensure that OUR LAKE stays as beautiful as it is.  If you are not a member, please consider joining."

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